Spider Ranch helps launch the Solar Impulse “Across America” tour.

solar impluse

The Solar Impulse aircraft is the only manned aircraft in the world that can sustain flight day and night without the use of any conventional fuel. Using clever weight-saving clean technologies and vast wings with solar-cell arrays, it collects the sun during the day and uses stored energy to sustain itself from dusk till dawn.Solar Impulse’s “Across America” tour bring the Swiss team to the US to demonstrate the HB-SIA’s capability of sustained fuel-less flight by flying from the San Francisco Bay Area to New York, with stops in Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, and Washington DC.

Spider Ranch and our sister company LD Alliance were proud to help the Solar Impulse team start their tour off right at NASA’s Moffett Airfield, where we provided and operated sound, video, and lighting reinforcement so the Solar Impulse team could convey their message to the countless vistors that came to see this revolution in clean tech and forward thinking.

Follow their journey Across America at http://www.solarimpulse.com/